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Gate Motors

Gladiator sells, supply and services both sliding gate and swinging gate motors for businesses and residential properties. Our Gates are long life lasting and come with a warranty period on all electrical and mechanical parts. Our products are compact, reliable and safe.

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We at Gladiator Home & Industrial Solutions will give you the best advice on the type of motor required for your gate. Do not hesitate to contact us for a site visit. 


This type of gate opens and closes by following a track fixed to the ground, while an upper guide bracket attached to the gate’s post, maintains it upright and secure. A sliding gate not only looks nice, but is also easier and more economical to motorise. 

The Gladiator sliding gate motor is made of a robust heavy duty aluminum diecast motor assembly. Our Drive Racks are available in galvanized steel or nylon material depending on utilisation and/or the weight of the gate


 -  2 Keys for Manual release (in the event of power failure)
-  2 Remote Controls
-  Motors fixed in Plates & Bolts
-  2 Pairs Infrared photocells


- Keys for manual release (in the event of power failure)

- 2 Remote Controls

- 1 Motor fixed in Plate & Bolt

- 1 Pair Infrared photocell

- 5 toothed drive rack of 1 mt

- 2 limit switch rules (spring type limit switch only)

warranty pERIOD 

All Gladiator motors are covered by a warranty against defects of material and or workmanship for a period of 3 years on mechanical components and 1 year on electronic components, starting on the date of commissioning and as more-fully described in the warranty certificate

safety recommendations

Our products are compact, safe and reliable. But please make sure to read our safety recommendations before using our gate motors 

There are two types of Gladiator motors for swing gates automation. The linear type motor and the articulated type motor. Swing gates are generally more expensive to motorise because they need two actuators and two pairs of photocells.


What's in the box ?


Competitive Price

Only with Gladiator can you get  state of the art technology at such an affordable price

Good Quality Products

Gladiator products are made of materials that guarantee high performance and special resistance to all types of weather conditions.

Good Customer Service

At Gladiator we put much emphasis on after-sales services, while 
remaining committed in developing uncontested customer satisfaction

Warranty Period

Our gates are long life lasting and come with a 3 year warranty on mechanical components  and a 1 year warranty on  electrical and electronic components

Professionalism of our Experts

  We sell, install, and service motor gates around Mauritius since 2011 

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