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Automation for swing gates


There are two types of Gladiator motors for swing gates automation: the linear and the articulated type motor. Swing gates are generally more expensive to motorise because they need two actuators and two pairs of photocells.

Linear type motors

GL 350K.png

Gladiator GL350KL30

The Gladiator GL350KL30 is designed for residential swing gate use, with gate leaf weight up to 350 Kg and width up to 2.3meters.

The stainless steel shells ensure top performance in any environmental condition. 

Self-learning programming function and accurate obstacle detection technology are just some of the features of the advanced control box unit, simplifying the installer’s workand guaranteeing exceptional safety and durability.


Gladiator PK350DC

The Gladiator PK350DC gate opener is designed for residential swing gate use, with gate leaf weight up to 350Kg and width up to 3.0 meters.
The profile-aluminium shell provides best performance in harsh environmental conditions. The manual release mechanism allows for easy switch in case of power cut. Interface for battery backup is also provided.


King Gates  JET24_600

An elegant attractive line able to enhance the value

of all types of gate.

The excellent mechanical transmission guarantees maximum reliability and the ball-bearing rotation system eliminates friction and noise.

Top quality materials such as steel and bronze guarantee maximum reliability, even in extreme conditions.

Articulated type motors

Gladiator PK400AC

The Gladiator PK400AC is an articulated arm type gate opener designed for residential swing gate with leaf weighing up to 400 Kg and total width up to 3.5 meters. Strongly sized steel arms will ensure years of trouble free service. Equipped with easy manual release mechanism, the motor is also fitted with a strong UPVC cover for maximum protection against harsh environmental conditions.

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