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Photovoltaic systems

Today climate change threatens everything from our water quality to our food supply and wildlife habitats. But solar power, unlike fossil fuels is a clean, green inexhaustible supply of renewable power which produces far fewer greenhouse gas emissions (CO2)—the main culprit behind pollution, chronic health conditions and global warming. The Government has set the objective of reaching 35% of renewable energy in the country’s energy mix by 2025.

Produce your own electricity from solar radiations with Gladiator PV systems, and reduce your electric bills significantly. When the sun is shining brightly, your panels will produce excess power, allowing you to send the extra energy to the grid for credit against your utility bill. This credit can help offset the cost of the electricity you need to pull from the grid at night or during other not-so-sunny days.
Gladiator designs and installs grid tied photovoltaic systems for the domestic market as well as industrial PV systems for the industry.

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